2020 Is Your Year!

The start of the new year is upon us and we survived 2019. Yippee! I don’t know about you but I could not wait for 2020 to begin. There were so many false starts, karmic releases from friends, family and romantic relationships for everyone (Those tower moments are something else aren’t they? Ugh!)

Although, we all went through those difficult situations and often did not feel like it; but they were at the same time a blessing in disguise. Some of us started new relationships, new businesses and careers but most importantly we started to do our inner work! We learned how to commit to ourselves and begin to seek out ways to make our lives happier regardless of what others thought. We decided that we didn't have to be a slave to a particular situation or person in our life. So, let me be the first to tell you congratulations! You did an excellent job. But, we still have work to do. The cake still needs frosting :-)

Also, a gentle reminder, every year we have been taught to create New Year’s resolutions only to fall short a month, two weeks or even a day later. So, why is that? Well, there are several reasons but I will share at least two.

1. We try to meet others' expectations to fit in and Let’s face it. No one likes to not feel that they are not a part of the group.

2. Our brain which is a supercomputer with data stored from the past. Makes sure to remind us of something a parent, teacher, friend or lover said projecting there limits on us for why we could not do something. Although, it was them who had the limit.

Perhaps you were asked, “Are you crazy? Or, you will always be to fat! Maybe they said, Your not smart enough, Your not the right color, It’s in your genes! and the list goes on and on. Listen, if you do not want to make a resolution, guess what? You do not have too! Just remember that the Universe/Source/God etc. is not judging you. So do not let anyone else judge you either! The Angels and all of the Universe loves you just the way you are my friend.

We have great rewards coming to us this year. Let’s be ready for them and make this year even better than the last.


Cee Cee

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