Once A Year Opportunity!

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Thanksgiving just passed and before you know it Christmas approaches and sugarplums dance in our heads. I must admit that Christmas was not always one of my favorite holidays. My favorite holiday was the 4th of July. The whole neighborhood would have huge cookouts. Then right before dark my dad and the neighbors. Would light up hundreds of fire crackers that weeks before they tied together as the signal that the big firework party is about to begin! Things seemed to be much easier then. At least, that is what I had chose to believe. During that holiday everyone seemed to be happy. Lots of smiles, food, sparklers and bottle rockets! Gotta have the bottle rockets :-). I was much younger then and since that time much has changed.

Now, I have children of my own. Saturn has ripped through my sign, torn most of my relationships and jobs apart. Let’s just say the Tower Card has reared its ugly head many, many times throughout my lifetime in my readings. Oh wait! And now Jupiter is in Capricorn for a year. More things to get rid of...Whoopie!! (Sarcastically)

Seriously though, through all the ups and downs, relocations etc. I have learned (as corny as it sounds) home is truly where the heart is. To make sure to enjoy the present moment and that each day is a precious gift. That Christmas is not just about material things. It is a holiday that allows a specific time to express to a loved one, God/Source or whatever you believe in “I love you; and I appreciate all you do” (ideally you should all year long; but I’m not judging :-)!

If you are not great with words, say it in a letter or card. The important thing is that you let them know. I have seen people who have lost loved ones and never expressed it. Many of them still have that pain in their hearts today. Please do not be that person. Never live with regrets if you can. Thanks for reading this far. Peace, love and a beautiful holiday season to you and your loved ones. Namaste

Love Cee Cee


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